Two Years On

When I started my company in 2010, someone told me that all the initial work of meeting clients, making new contacts through networking and building a good reputation would take about two years to pay off. I am pleased to say that two years on, the business really feels like it is taking off, with […]

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New Website

We will be developing a new Learning Matrix website over the next few months in WordPress. If you are unable to view the site during this time, we apologise for any incovenience. However, you can contact us via to discuss your learning needs and make any bookings. The new website will include feeds from the blog and […]

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Bring on 2012

Sorry it’s been a while. So here we are 2012. year of the Olympics in London. I’m very excited to be living in the city hosting the games. 2011 was a great year and I had the amazing opportunity to work on an IT project for the Olympics. So what about 2012? I’m optimistic about […]

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IT Training – Who Needs It?

Attending an IT Training course should be challenging enough to acquire new skills, but most of all it should be relevant and fun. Budgets are increasingly an issue for companies as well as individuals. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure the investment in training is cost effective, in terms of achieving the […]

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BNI Connect Video

Last month, I mentioned my new appointment as Assistant Director for Social Media and BNI Connect. This a regional role for BNI South East London and I’m very excited about connecting and sharing information with my fellow BNI members. One of my first tasks has been to produce a BNI Connect training video for leadership […]

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